Larry Jim racing 2oo7

How this event got started.....

This party started a long time ago in a land not so far away in a place called California Kentucky by the previous generation of riders in the area. Our generation of riders have carried this event into the 00S.  And as we speak, the next generation is riding their big wheels and shooting their cap guns getting prepared to carry on.  We love the life we live, We live the life we love.

As you browse through our site, you will see cool old pictures and videos from previous years, see upcoming events in the area, links to kick a** sites, and to all of "Our World"

Throughout the site are small video clips of us racing and miscellaneous pictures of our events and good times. Bookmark this site as there are updates on a regular basis.  The pictures below are actually videos, click play in the middle of picture to watch.  

                              Drag racing in the mud!! 

Awesome video from 2oo7 

This is an actual video, live footage of our event, nothing sounds better than Harleys racing down the track!! 

New Richmond Ohio, right across from us.
Larrys Dad

This site is as user friendly as it gets.  Just follow the guided tour by clicking on the obvious guides at the bottom of each page, Follow me thru the site. This will take you on a page by page tour of all of our exciting events past and present.  Thank you for visiting our site and enjoy watching how we ride our motorcycles in California Kentucky.  This is Freedom at its finest.

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